The durability of natural stone is one of the many benefits of using materials like marble for flooring, countertops, and shower walls. However, durable doesn’t mean indestructible. Nothing short of a hammer is going to break the marble, but it can be damaged in other ways. Homeowners often make mistakes when cleaning marble surfaces that hurt its appearance over time. Grout Brothers can help restore damaged marble and tile, but prevention is better for homeowners. Here are four common cleaning mistakes to avoid when caring for marble surfaces.


When cleaning marble surfaces, homeowners must use appropriate cleaning products. Different chemicals can cause adverse reactions with the marble. Allowing acidic solutions to interact with the marble can “burn” the stone. It’s essential to look for products with natural stone in mind. Cleaners must have a pH level of seven, which is neutral. Though it’s tempting to assume all natural cleaners would be safe, you shouldn’t use vinegar to clean natural stone.  Many natural stones such as marble, travertine, or limestone react adversely with vinegar because of the acidic content. A cleaning solution with a balanced pH is best for maintaining the integrity and beauty of your stone.


Some natural stone surfaces are less stain-resistant than others. For example, marble is porous than granite, which means it’s easier to stain when spills are allowed to sit for too long. Having a marble floor regularly sealed prevents stains by increasing water and liquid resistance. At Grout Brothers, we specialize in cleaning, sealing, honing and polishing marble floors and showers. We even have several different finishes to it, such as honed, matte, satin, shiny, and high shine to give a homeowner the look they want to achieve. Sealed marble is easier to maintain because it doesn’t allow dirt particles to penetrate and darken the stone.


Debris, dirt, and sand are more damaging to natural stone that it is for other flooring surfaces. Gritty particles become an abrasive on marble floors, which lead to etches and scratches over time. While it won’t stop every piece of dirt and debris, using doormats inside and outside your home significantly reduces the amount of debris that gets inside. The damage caused by dirt is another reason why homeowners should use a dry, clean dust mop to clean your floors regularly. Unlike a vacuum, a dry mop can catch dirt and sand without scratching the surface of the stone. Remember to avoid acidic cleaners when mopping.


The advice above can help prevent etches, scratches, and stains on marble surfaces. Prevention is important because these issues can’t be wiped away. Many people think they can remove etches or stains with a hard scrubbing pad. However, using abrasive tools makes the problem worse. When you use an abrasive scrubbing tool on marble floors, you’re basically scraping off the stone surface that was originally polished. For regular cleaning, homeowners should use a soft cloth, warm water, and soap. The only way to fix etched stone or stained is to have it restored by a professional like Grout Brothers. We have the tools and expertise to grind down the surface and repolish it.

If you need help with natural stone surfaces and floors, Grout Brothers is here to help. Send us a message online to get a quote for the tile cleaning and restoration services you need.

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