Keeping your house clean is an essential part of being a homeowner. Keeping these neat and tidy makes your home more inviting to visitors, and it helps keep the house looking good as new. Besides the daily cleaning and maintenance that homeowners do, some special tasks need to be performed periodically to prevent things from looking dingy, dull, and in disrepair. Grout Brothers offers several services that homeowners can use to professionally clean and maintaining parts of your residence. Here are four ways Grout Brothers can help your home sparkle.


The tile and grout of your home require a little extra effort to keep them looking their best. These materials are porous, which means they can absorb substances that stain the surface. Grout Brothers can help by professionally cleaning your tile and grout to remove any stains that embedded in the material. Once we’ve cleaned your tile and grout, we can apply a sealing solution that prevents your tile and grout from quickly becoming stained.


Grout hazing is what happens when some of the grout residue is left on the tile during the installation process (and not what happens to first-year students at grout college). Once it dries on the tile, it leaves a hazy residue that won’t go away with regular cleaning solutions. Just as the grout doesn’t wash away when you take a shower, grout haze won’t go away unless you use a professional cleaning solution designed to remove the residue. It’s good to have a professional like Grout Brothers handle grout haze removal. If the cleaning substance gets in the spaces where the grout is supposed to be, it could weaken the integrity of the tiling.


Grout Brothers can also help with specialty tile types, such as travertine tiles, which are made of a kind of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. When used to make flooring, these natural stones tiles come in a variety of earth-tone colors, such as tans, browns, rust, and beige hues. Though travertine tiles are strong and durable, they are a porous material that can be stained by liquids and chemical agents that manage to seep into the material. If your travertine tiles are stained, Grout Brothers have a penetrating sealer and barrier surface sealer that when used together clean and protect the tiles.


Marble can be used in home construction for various purposes. This natural stone makes a great flooring material, countertop surface, and more. However, like the other natural stone tiles we’ve mentioned, the material can be stained, but that staining and be cleaned and prevented by a sealing process from Grout Brothers. And though marble is pretty resilient, it can chip and crack if hit by something really heavy. Fortunately, if your marble gets scratched or chipped, Grout Brother can refinish it to make it look as good as new.

Whatever kind of material you have for your tile flooring and showers, Grout Brothers can professionally clean the surface and make it look as good as new. If you have any questions about having your tiles professionally cleaned, send us a message online to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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