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  • Do sealers prevent the grout from getting dirty?

    No. However, sealed grout is easier to clean because it doesn’t let dirt penetrate into the grout pores. Proper maintenance and good habits keep your floors looking clean. After every job we do, we give our customers instructions on how to keep their tile surfaces looking clean.

    Can I clean my tile and grout with muriatic acid?

    No. Muriatic acid is a very dangerous chemical and should not be used indoors – it is extremely toxic. Muriatic acid can permanently damage the tile and grout surfaces, which might require re-grouting or even replacing the tile. We only use chemicals that are safe for your family and the environment to restore the tile and grout of your home.

    Can I use vinegar to clean tile surfaces?

    Yes and no. Vinegar contains acid, which will erode the grout slowly if not neutralized. To neutralize the acid, use baking soda mixed with water and mop over the area that was cleaned with vinegar.

    When should I have my tile re-grouted?

    When you see cracked, missing, or worn out grout, that’s when a re-grout is needed. Damaged grout in the showers should be repaired or re-grouted as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the back wall of the shower. If the grout is heavily stained and discolored, it does not need to be re-grouted – color sealing is recommended (unless inside a shower).

    What is the proper way to maintain my tile surfaces after a deep clean?

    We highly recommend our customers to use a neutral cleaning solutions. An effective and cheap solution would be 1/8th of a tea spoon of Original Blue Dawn Dish soap mixed with 1 gallon of warm water. You can use the Dawn Dish Soap cleaning solution with a microfiber mop for best results.

    Will I have to have my tile surfaces cleaned and sealed again in the future?

    Yes. Your tile surfaces will still get dirty and the sealer will eventually wear off. The frequency of cleaning and sealing your tile and grout depends on what conditions those tile surfaces go through. On average, we recommend having the tile floors deep cleaned once every 2 years and re-sealed after 4 years.

    What do the sealers repel?

    Both, color and clear sealers repel any liquids that are water-based and oil-based – basically, anything small enough to get into the pores of the tile and grout.

    Sealed grout will still let moisture in and out, but at a much slower pace compared to un-sealed grout, which buys enough time to clean up a mess.

    Can I seal the tile and grout myself?

    We do not recommend our customers to try to seal the tile and grout themselves if they don’t know what they’re doing. We have the experience, tools and training to get the job done right. Improper sealing may cause the tile and grout to have stains, sticky residue and white marks that are very difficult to remove.