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What Causes Grout to Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Grout is designed to protect the edges of your tile by keeping them tightly pressed against one
another. Stepping on loose, cracked, or crumbly grout is not only uncomfortable on your feet,
but it’s a sign of a bigger problem. Loose, cracked, or crumbly grout is unsightly and can lead to
more extensive issues with your tile floors. Once grout is loose or becomes cracked, it can
spread throughout the entire floor at a rapid pace, causing tiles to lift and move.
There are actually several factors that cause grout to crack and crumble. Aside from poor initial
installation, in Sarasota, Florida, there are a few common factors we see that causes grout
problems. If you’re experiencing loose grout, keep reading to see if any of these causes fit your

Grout Damage Caused by Humidity and Harsh Cleaners

Household cleaners such as ammonia, bleach, soap-based and acid-based cleaners are not
designed for grout and tile. Using the wrong tile and grout sealing and cleaning routing can ruin
the aesthetic appeal of your floor and cause more damage than meets the eye.
Most grout used in homes is cement based and comes in sanded and un-sanded varieties. This
grout is expensive and, by nature, is porous. In order to keep moisture at bay and ensure it
doesn’t seep beneath the tiles, the grout must be properly sealed. What many don’t’ realize is
even when cement-based grout is properly sealed, it can lose its seal over time and needs to be

In the blazing heat of Florida, there are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years in
order to avoid grout damage caused by humidity and heat:

  • Keep the grout cool before mixing and using it by storing it in cool areas.
  • Don’t mix the grout with excessive amounts of water.
  • Avoid mid-day grouting.
  • Lightly dampen the tile with cool water prior to grouting.
  • Choose a grout formulated to retain moisture and promote proper curing.

Unsealed Grout Leads to Severe Water Damage

Moisture trapped in grout causes another issue, one that can lead to serious health issues for
members of your household – black mold. Porous grout absorbs moisture; especially in a
shower where there is always moisture. Even steam creates enough moisture to find its way
into the porous grout, eventually weakening it, or even causing the growth of black mold and
other fungi. This not only leads to the grout cracking and crumbling, but it can put your
household at serious risk.

This, among other reasons, is why professionals are always recommended for tile and grout
cleaning and sealing and more.
Grout Restoration and Grout Sealing in Sarasota, Florida

If the grout in your home begins to crack and crumble, all is not lost. Many times, a remodel and
renovation are not even necessary, as long as you take action when you notice a problem. In
most cases, a simple grout restoration and grout sealing, or re-sealing, will do the trick
Grout restoration is a process that involves completely cleaning and re-coloring grout lines and
replacing worn-out grout to restore your grout lines to their original state of functionality and
aesthetics. Grout sealing is the process of applying a sealant that will prevent future damage
from exposure to moisture and other elements that can be detrimental to grout.
Grout Brothers is a company you can depend on for the best grout restoration and grout sealing
services in Sarasota, Florida and surrounding areas. Currently, we offer man-made tile cleaning,
stone tile cleaning and polishing, grout and stone tile sealing, color sealing, grout repairs and
grout staining services.

If you’re thinking about getting your tile and/or grout cleaned and restored, then look no further.
We can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with the results that we provide. A
typical grout restoration and grout sealing process can be done in a day. Give us a call or
contact us online to book an appointment.

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