Tile Floors & Shower Maintenance Recommendations


Tile Floors (mop Method)

1. Do not wear outdoor shoes in the house – shoes track in most of the dirt which accumulates over time. Tip: If you prefer to wear shoes inside the house, have strictly indoor shoes.
2. Mop with a clean, slightly damp, MICROFIBER, FLAT HEAD MOP. We recommend to split each tiled room/area in separate sections and use a clean mopping pad for each section (extra mopping pads HERE). Do not mop more than once a week. Tip: Kitchen floors are usually the first area to show dirt, we recommend using one mopping pad just for the kitchen floor.
3. Use blue Dawn dish soap for your floor cleaning solution – mix 1/8 of a tea spoon for every 1 gallon of warm water – pour in the dish soap before adding water. You may use a spray bottle or a spray mop to mist the solution on the tile surface. Floor should be slightly damp from mopping – do not soak it.
4. If you have a dog(s) in the house, wipe their paws before entering the house. Also, runner rugs by the entry way helps to trap the dirt from the paws.
5. Vacuum before mopping, especially if you have pets living in the house. If you don’t pre-vacuum, some of the loose dirt/debris will adhere to the tile/grout once moisture is added.


Tile Floors (easiest, Most Effective Method)

1. Obtain a wet/dry vacuum such as the Bissell Crosswave, Bissell Crosswave with Steam or Bissell Crosswave PetPro.
2. First, pour hot water into the clean (solution) tank, then add 3 drops of Blue Dawn dish soap, close the lid and shake the tank to mix the soap with the water.
3. Read instructions on how to put together and use the machine, but instead of using the Bissell cleaning solution, use the Dawn dish soap. Dawn disinfects and degreases the floors very effectively.
4. Tip: Make sure you’re pressing and holding the button that releases the solution while you’re using the machine.
Want to learn more about why we highly recommend the Bissell Crosswave wet/dry vacuum? Read HERE.



1. Use liquid soap in the showers to prevent soap scum.
2. If you prefer bar soap, make sure to rinse the shower walls and floor thoroughly with hot water after each use.
3. Mold needs moisture to grow, to avoid mold, dry the shower as fast as possible. You may use a towel or a sponge mop to pick up any water after you’re done with the shower.
4. Keep exhaust fan on while in the shower and at least 30 minutes after you’re done with the shower. That will reduce the moisture in the air and dry out the shower quicker.
5. Do not use any “spray and forget” shower cleaners because they damage the grout.
6. For a shower cleaner, we recommend Soft-Scrub with bleach, which you may purchase at most big box stores or HERE. For polished marble showers, use THIS PRODUCT (test product in a small section first).
7. If you start seeing mildew (orange/red color) or mold in the shower grout/caulking, simply spray THIS PRODUCT on the affected areas. Once the product was sprayed on the mildew/mold, wait 5 minutes, then rinse with hot water. Stubborn spot? Spray the affected area and scrub with a stiff, NYLON BRUSH.


Spot Cleaning Tile Grout

1. Mix 1/4 of a tea spoon of Blue Dawn dish soap mixed with 1/4 gallon of warm water.
2. Apply the mixed solution to the area with a spray bottle – soak it well enough so it won’t dry quickly.
3. Let the solution dwell for 2 minutes.
4. Scrub with a stiff, nylon brush.
5. Mop the area with a clean, wet mop or use the Bissell Crosswave with clean, tap water in the solution tank.
6. Wipe the area dry with a clean towel/paper towel (skip this step if using the Bissell Crosswave).

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